What do men really want?

We know that men are often quick off the mark to offer help. Why then don’t they ask for it? This question seems to be a common topic of conversation in men’s and women’s magazines, social research programmes, families or even amongst friends at the local pub or café.

Everyone has turning points in their life when they feel a bit at sea or out of their comfort zone. This can happen from moving to a new town, health issues, family breakdown, feeling depressed, financial trouble, job insecurity, retirement and so on.

When faced with these events do men say what they want or need? What helps them most? Have they somehow been conditioned to think that they are not real men if they let others see they are vulnerable or unhappy? Is drowning their sorrows with alcohol as good as a chat with a mate whilst fishing?

These very questions and more are the topic of conversation at a meeting to be held at 5.30 pm at Cavanbah Hall on 15th February 2012. If you would like to be part of this community discussion or you are just interested to hear what others have to say, please come along. Both men and women are welcome.

The insights and opinions offered at the meeting will help guide the services offered by a new local programme called MENtors.

This new service aims to engage men who are experiencing difficulties and either put them in touch with health and well-being services or other activity groups in the community, or arrange a male mentor for them, or both. It is also hoping that local men with some spare time will get involved to help mentor men who are going through a tough time. It will be a new opportunity for men from varied back grounds to share their skills, knowledge and experience, building a rich culture of men supporting men.

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